Photo shoots make up for Coming of Age ceremonies

Monday is Coming of Age Day in Japan for new adults. But the coronavirus pandemic has forced many municipalities to postpone their ceremonies for the 20-year-olds.

So a photo studio in Hiroshima Prefecture, western Japan, is offering special photo shoots for new adults and their family members.

At the studio in the town of Fuchu, a stylist set customers' hair and dressed them in kimono ahead of their sittings, in a room fully ventilated and disinfected.

Many new adults wear traditional kimono for Coming of Age Day.

One customer, Fujii Kaede, said the ceremony she had planned to attend has been postponed to August, but that she was glad to be able to at least wear her "furisode" long-sleeved kimono on the day, and to have a photo taken with her mother.

Her mother Mitsuka said she was overcome with emotion because she felt she has accomplished her duty as a parent.

Studio staff member Maeda Juna said Coming of Age Day is special for new adults and that she hopes the photos will become part of the customers' family memories.