Biden calls for early confirmation of his Cabinet

US President-elect Joe Biden has expressed concern about delays in confirmation of his Cabinet nominees by the Senate.

In a news conference in his home state Delaware on Friday, Biden said he has nominated all 15 Cabinet secretaries. He also said he is moving swiftly in appointing senior White House officials.

But he said he is concerned about delays in the confirmation process in the Senate and expressed hope that the Senate will move promptly to confirm his nominees.

Specifically mentioning four key posts including Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense, Biden called for swift confirmation in consideration of the threats and dangers facing the world.

Behind the delay in the confirmation process is the uncertainty about who would control the Senate that continued until this week's run-off vote in Georgia. President Donald Trump's failure to acknowledge his election defeat is also a factor.

A confirmation hearing is scheduled for January 19 for Biden's pick for defense secretary, retired Army General Lloyd Austin. However, no other hearings have been scheduled so far.

US media say Biden may have no confirmed Cabinet secretaries on January 20, the first day of his presidency.