Activists: Intl. pressure on China easing

A Taiwanese nonprofit group supporting prodemocracy activists in Hong Kong says China arrested dozens of dissidents partly because Beijing feels that international pressure on China over human rights issues is easing.

A senior member of the group, Chiang Min-yen, held a news conference in Taipei on Friday. The group is helping Hong Kongers who want to move to Taiwan.

Prominent Hong Kong activist Nathan Law attended the conference online from Britain, where he is now based. He is said to be wanted by Hong Kong police for allegedly breaching the territory's national security law.

Law said Wednesday's arrest of 53 activists was beyond the prodemocracy camp's imagination. He added that people in Hong Kong have lost hope for the future and feel powerless.

Chiang cited the transition of power in the United States and broad agreement on a trade deal with the European Union as the reasons for Beijing to consider that it is under less intense pressure.

He urged the democratic camp to unite to counter China.

He also called on the EU to halt work to sign the trade deal with Beijing, and asked Taiwanese authorities to provide more support for people of Hong Kong.