Over 80,000 jobs lost in Japan due to pandemic

Japan's labor ministry says over 80,000 jobs have been lost as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

The ministry says that from the end of January last year through Wednesday around 80,100 people became unemployed, or were about to be so.

But the actual figure is believed to be even higher.
That's because the ministry's data only cover cases known to labor authorities and public job-placement centers.

As of December 25, nearly 17,000 people had lost their jobs in manufacturing. Another 11,000 were out of work in the restaurant industry. A little over 10,000 jobs were lost in retail, and another 9,600 in the hotel industry.

Trade unions are warning of more job losses to come with the state of emergency to be declared on Thursday in Tokyo and the surrounding prefectures.

The ministry is urging companies to apply for emergency government subsidies to save jobs.

Other data show that the pandemic is squeezing people's incomes. Wages in November fell for the eighth straight month.

The ministry says average monthly pay was about 2,700 dollars. That's down 2.2 percent in yen terms from a year ago.

Officials say some firms have drastically slashed bonuses as a result of the crisis.