Thailand scrambles to contain coronavirus

Amid a second wave of coronavirus infections in Thailand, authorities there aim to contain the resurgence by implementing tougher restrictions.

The government confirmed 365 new cases on Wednesday, bringing the country's total to more than 9,000.

Amid mounting pressure to stop the spread of infections, the government announced that people from five high risk provinces will need permission to travel outside the area.

The government also said it will receive the first batch of vaccines next month from Chinese pharmaceutical firm Sinovac Biotech. It will import two million doses by April and administer them to medical workers and people with underlying illnesses.

Thailand also plans to supply 26 million doses of a vaccine jointly developed by British firm AstraZeneca and Oxford University by May.

Meanwhile in Indonesia, which has the highest number of infections in Southeast Asia, President Joko Widodo says mass vaccinations will start next week. The government received three million doses from China last month. Although the vaccine has not been officially approved in China, Jakarta will roll it out once officials authorize its emergency use after confirming its safety and efficacy.