Voting begins in Georgia for twin runoff elections

Voting in the US state of Georgia has started for twin runoff elections that are set to determine whether President-elect Joe Biden's Democratic Party will gain control of the Senate.

Two of the 100 Senate seats are being contested on Tuesday. If Democrats win the pair, they will gain control of both chambers. But if they fail to do so, Biden's administration will have to contend with a divided Congress.

On Monday, Biden and President Donald Trump held rallies in the state to attract voters in what are reported to be neck-and-neck races.

The latest opinion polls show both of the Democratic candidates around one point ahead of their Republican rivals.

Local media say it could take several days before the results are finalized, partly because the races are likely to be close and there are about 1 million mail-in votes.

All eyes in the United States are on the Georgia runoffs, with the outcome set to determine the fate of Biden's top priority policies. Biden is scheduled to launch his administration on January 20.