National Guard called up to DC for rally security

The mayor of Washington D.C. has reportedly requested the deployment of National Guard troops in the US capital this week.

US media said on Monday the move is to prepare for possible violence by protesters, related to the Congress's final affirmation of Joe Biden's victory in last year's presidential election.

Congress is expected to officially count votes by the states' electors on Wednesday and certify Biden's victory over incumbent President Donald Trump.

Trump supporters claim the election was rigged and are planning a massive protest in the US capital.

US media said D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser requested National Guard deployment to help bolster the Metropolitan Police Department.

In her tweets, Bowser asked Washingtonians to stay out of the downtown area on Tuesday and Wednesday and not to engage with demonstrators who come to the city seeking confrontation.

Members of the far-right organization Proud Boys are expected to join the planned protests in support of Trump. The leader of the group was arrested on Monday upon his arrival in the capital. The leader was accused of burning a Black Lives Matter banner hanging from a Black church in downtown Washington during a protest last month.

Massive protests that were held twice in the city since the election led to clashes between Trump supporters and their opponents.

President Trump expressed his intention to be at the protest.