Saudi Arabia, Qatar to reopen their borders

Saudi Arabia and Qatar have agreed to reopen their borders, ending a diplomatic crisis that has lasted more than three years.

In June, 2017, Saudi Arabia severed diplomatic ties with Qatar and accused the country of undermining stability in the Middle East.

Other Gulf nations joined Saudi Arabia to increase pressure on Qatar by suspending direct flights and trade with the country.

The United States and Kuwait have mediated the dispute to bring about a breakthrough. The Trump administration wants Arab nations to unite and build an anti-Iran network.

Kuwaiti Foreign Minister Sheikh Ahmed Nasser Al-Mohammed Al-Sabah said on Monday that an agreement has been reached for the reopening of airspace, land, and sea borders between Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

The diplomatic, trade and travel embargo had been in place for three and a half years.

Qatar's state-run news agency has reported that the country's ruler, Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, will attend the annual summit of the Gulf Cooperation Council to be held on Tuesday in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia has been requesting Qatar to scale back its ties with Iran and Turkey, which the kingdom views as its rivals, as a condition to ease the pressure.

Saudi Arabia has also been asking for the closure of the Qatar-based satellite television station Al Jazeera, which has supported the democratization of Arab nations. Qatar has not yet complied with the requests.