Iran seizes South Korean-flagged tanker

Iran has announced that it seized a South Korean-flagged tanker for violating environmental protocols in the Persian Gulf.

Iran's Revolutionary Guards Corps said on Monday that the seized vessel had been transferred to a port in the country's south.

Its crew members, including nationals of South Korea and Indonesia, were reportedly detained.

Iranian officials claim the tanker breached marine environmental protocols. The officials said they will pursue legal proceedings.

South Korea's foreign ministry confirmed that the vessel, which had been navigating waters off Oman, moved toward Iran at the request of Iranian authorities.
Seoul has demanded the immediate release of the vessel and its 20 crew members, including five South Koreans.

South Korea's Yonhap news agency cited an official of the tanker's operator as saying Iranian authorities contacted the ship when it was sailing in high seas. The official denied that the vessel breached any environmental protocols.

The defense ministry says it will send South Korean troops operating in nearby areas to the site where the ship was seized.