Thailand tightens coronavirus restrictions

Thailand plans tougher steps against the coronavirus after a spike of infections in the country.
Authorities confirmed a record daily number of 745 cases on Monday, bringing the total to over 8,000. The government ordered the closure of places posing a high risk of virus transmission.

New regulations will be introduced in Bangkok and 27 provinces from Monday.
Authorities will work out specific measures taking into account local conditions.

Bangkok earlier shut schools, nurseries and entertainment venues such as bars and karaoke parlors. Shopping malls can stay open, but must close early. Dining at restaurants after 9 p.m. will be banned from Tuesday.

A male citizen said: "The tougher measures will make our lives worse. My son is unemployed, and I have to use my pension to pay for living expenses. I'll have to economize."

New cases in Thailand have been in single digits most days since last May -- nearly all of them foreign visitors.
Monday's surge came after cluster infections broke out last month near Bangkok. Cases included workers at a seafood market -- mostly migrants from Myanmar.

The government has warned it may tighten controls further if the spread of the virus doesn't subside.