City near Tokyo launches virus vaccination team

Japanese municipalities are preparing to administer coronavirus vaccines. A city near Tokyo has set up a team to coordinate the process.

Ebina city in Kanagawa Prefecture appointed the team members on Monday, the first business day of 2021.

The team was chosen on the same day as the Japanese prime minister announced a target of late February for the start of vaccination.

Ebina Mayor Uchino Masaru called on the group to promptly gather information on the vaccines' arrival as well as inoculation methods, to create a citywide system.

The 14 members span the city's departments, including the health and welfare division, and the mayor's office.

They will send out "inoculation vouchers", choose locations and dates, and work out allocations of medical staff.

Group leader Komatsu Yukiya says his team will provide accurate information on the vaccines' efficacy and risks.

He says they hope to make the vaccines available to people who wish to be inoculated and will strive to protect people's lives and health.