Tokyo reports 816 coronavirus cases on Sunday

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government reported 816 new cases of the coronavirus in the capital on Sunday.

Tokyo reported more than 1,300 cases on Thursday, New Year's Eve. It was the first time the figure surpassed 1,000.

101 patients in the capital are in serious condition.

The governors of Tokyo and 3 adjoining prefectures are urging the central government to declare a state of emergency for the region.

Tokyo Governor Koike Yuriko said, "Please continue to refrain from going out unless it is absolutely necessary or urgent. I strongly recommend that you work online."

More than 3,100 cases have been confirmed across the country on Sunday. The total since the pandemic began is now over 245,000. The overall death toll is more than 3,600.

The pandemic is affecting Coming of Age Day ceremonies across the country. The ceremony celebrates people turning 20, the age of adulthood.

It usually takes place on the second Monday of January. Some municipalities have canceled it this year. But one town in western Japan went ahead with a ceremony before the national holiday.

The town of Wakasa in Tottori Prefecture requested that all participants take PCR tests, with costs covered by the town. Some of the participants had returned from other areas where the virus is spreading quickly.

The mayor said the impact of the virus is worrisome, but young people still need to stay ambitious and take steady steps toward a successful future.

Tai Yuhi, a representative of the participants said, "Nothing will change if I just worry about the current situation. That's not a good way to start adulthood. I'm determined to go for the future I envision."

The new adults enjoyed the reunion, taking pictures and reminiscing about shared memories.