The needy in Tokyo helped with food and advice

Support groups in Tokyo have served food and provided consultations for people suffering from economic difficulties amid the spread of the coronavirus.

Five organizations jointly held the event on Sunday at a church in Chiyoda Ward, preparing lunch boxes and drinks for more than 200 people.

Visitors received the food and consulted the staff about how to apply for public welfare benefits.

This was the third time the groups held a similar event. The first was on Thursday, New Year's Eve, and the second was on Friday, New Year's Day.

The organizers say they provided nearly 100 consultations on the three days. From Monday, they will provide help to those applying for benefits.

One man in his 60s said he lost most of his means to earn a livelihood due to the impact of the coronavirus. He said the event gave him encouragement as he had had only one meal a day since the closing days of last year.

The representative of one of the organizations, Inaba Tsuyoshi, said many people said they had not expected that their lives would become so hard.

He called on people facing difficulties to consult support groups such as his without hesitation.