New adults get virus tests for Coming of Age event

A town in western Japan has held a Coming of Age celebration for new adults in a rare move amid the coronavirus pandemic. All participants were required to be tested for the virus beforehand.

The event took place in the town of Wakasa in Tottori Prefecture on Sunday, and 19 new adults took part.

Some of them had returned to the town from areas where the virus is spreading. The town requested that all the participants undergo PCR tests, with the town covering the cost.

Mayor Yabe Yasuki told the new adults that the impact of the coronavirus is significant, but he wants them to stay ambitious and take steady steps toward a successful future.

Representing the new adults, a male participant said now that he marked the coming-of-age milestone, he wants to pursue his vision for the future, though they face all the restrictions that stem from the coronavirus.

New adults in kimonos or suits enjoyed the reunion, taking photos together and reminiscing about their shared memories.

A female participant said she wants to compare notes with her old friends. She also said she wants to become a nurse whom patients can trust.