Keidanren chief calls for energy discussions

The Chairman of the Japan Business Federation, or Keidanren, has called for fundamental discussions on Japan's energy sources to realize economic growth.

Nakanishi Hiroaki met with reporters online as Japan ushered in a New Year on Friday.

He noted that the new coronavirus has prompted the Japanese economy to undergo major structural changes, such as working from home.

He expressed his readiness to make 2021 a year that will accelerate new ways of growth.

He added that, for this to happen, it will be necessary to utilize digitization and to pursue transformations of society and organizations.

Nakanishi noted the need to accelerate digitization in order to realize economic growth.

He also pointed out that discussions on Japan's energy sector have not picked up steam during the past decade.

He said he personally believes nuclear power should be utilized because it is the brainchild of mankind. But he added that fundamental discussions should take place on whether nuclear power reactors in Japan should be restarted, as well as on renewable energy sources.