Yemen govt. accuses Houthis of airport blasts

Yemen's government says explosions at an airport in the country's south earlier this week were the result of a missile attack by Houthi rebels.

The government said on Thursday that 25 people have been killed and 110 others wounded by the explosions at the international airport in the city of Aden on the previous day. The blasts came immediately after an aircraft carrying Yemeni cabinet ministers arrived at the airport from Saudi Arabia.

Prime Minister Maeen Abdulmalik Saeed told a cabinet meeting on Thursday that preliminary investigations indicate Houthis were behind the attack that used guided missiles.

But he did not reveal evidence to prove Houthis' involvement in the explosions. Houthis have not issued any official response.

Yemen has been mired in more than five years of civil war between the Saudi-backed government and Iran-supported Houthis.

The government launched a unity cabinet with separatists in December. The two sides had been at odds despite their earlier cooperation in the fight against Houthis.