Daily coronavirus cases in UK top 50,000

Daily coronavirus cases in Britain topped 50,000 on Tuesday, rising sharply from the previous record set on the day before. Concerns are growing that hospital beds may be nearing capacity.

Strict restrictions are in place in London, much of southeast England, and other areas where a new, reportedly more contagious strain of the coronavirus is spreading.

The British government reported 53,135 new cases, jumping more than10,000 from the previous day as infections continue to spread across the country.

New deaths also rose to 414, totaling more than 71,000 since the start of the pandemic.

In London and other areas of England, more than 20,000 patients are hospitalized, surpassing the numbers recorded in the spring.

Health minister Matt Hancock commented on social media that the National Health Service is facing "unprecedented pressures" due to coronavirus.

Local media outlets are reporting that the government is likely to expand the areas subject to tougher restrictions.