Biden: Trump aides uncooperative with transition

With less than a month to go before he takes office, US President-elect Joe Biden has criticized senior officials of some federal agencies for their lack of cooperation with his transition team. Biden says many of the agencies had been "hollowed out" under President Donald Trump.

In a speech in his home state of Delaware on Monday, Biden said his team has encountered "roadblocks" from the political leadership at the Department of Defense and the Office of Management and Budget.

Biden said, "We just aren't getting all of the information that we need from the outgoing administration in key national security areas. It's nothing short, in my view, of irresponsibility."

Biden also referred to Russia's possible involvement in a series of cyber-attacks against government organizations and businesses. He said the attacks constitute a grave risk to national security.

Biden said the US needs to make sure that nothing is lost in the handoff between administrations. He went on to say that his nation needs to avoid "any window of confusion or catch-up that our adversaries may try to exploit."

Biden's team criticized some Pentagon officials earlier this month after they had met resistance to their requests for information.

Biden has indicated his intention to deal with China by cooperating with other countries. He said the US position will be much stronger once it builds coalitions of like-minded partners and allies.