Trump vetoes defense policy bill

US President Donald Trump has refused to sign a national defense policy bill passed by Congress.

Trump vetoed the legislation on Wednesday.

The 740.5 billion dollar National Defense Authorization Act bill was approved by both chambers of Congress earlier this month. It would have gone into immediate effect to cover expenditure for the fiscal year that began in October.

Trump has expressed dissatisfaction over the bill, pointing out that it would allow the renaming of military facilities that honor confederate generals in the Civil War.

The bill also does not meet Trump's demand that legal protection for social media companies be rescinded.

The notion of changing the names of military installations is strongly opposed by some conservatives. Trump wrote that the bill includes provisions that "fail to respect our veterans and our military's history."

Observers say this may be an attempt on Trump's part to appeal to his support base.

The presidential veto sends the bill back to both chambers of Congress. If two-thirds or more of lawmakers in each chamber support it, they can override the veto.