Singapore tightens measures for entry from Japan

The Singapore government is tightening border measures for travelers entering from Japan and Malaysia, citing a resurgence of coronavirus cases in those countries.

The Ministry of Health announced the new measures on Friday. It says all travelers who have been to either of the two countries in the two weeks prior to arrival will be required to serve a 14-day quarantine at dedicated facilities. The new measure will take effect from 23:59 on Sunday.

Based on a reciprocal travel agreement between Japan and Singapore since mid-September, short-term business travelers entering from Japan had been exempt from quarantine if they had submitted a travel plan in advance and tested negative in a PCR test on arrival. This will no longer apply.

There have been no coronavirus infections confirmed in Singapore for 10 days through Friday, but people arriving from other countries have been found to be infected.

The ministry says it will continue to adjust the country's border measures according to the global spread of infections.