UN chief: Vaccines must be available to all

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has called for international support for UN-led efforts to make coronavirus vaccines available to all people.

Guterres held a news conference on Friday at the UN headquarters in New York ahead of an online summit of the Group of 20 economies starting on Saturday.

He said "the recent breakthroughs on COVID-19 vaccines offer a ray of hope, but that ray of hope needs to reach everyone."

The UN chief mentioned an international scheme led by the World Health Organization and other parties to ensure equitable access to coronavirus vaccines.

Guterres urged the all countries to fully support the framework, in an apparent reference to the United States and Russia, which have yet to take part.

Guterres also pointed out misinformation about virus vaccines that continues to spread on social media. He said the United Nations is working to communicate factual, reliable messages in order to strengthen public trust in vaccines.