Biden Burger goes on sale at diner in Japan

A restaurant near a US naval base in Japan has launched a new menu item: the Biden Burger. Named for the presidential challenger, the hamburger has gone on sale at the eatery TSUNAMI in the city of Yokosuka, south of Tokyo.

Diner operator Iida Shigeru grills various hamburgers named after past US presidents. He began serving the Trump Burger four years ago.

Now, he launched the Biden Burger on Friday, as the Democratic hopeful leads incumbent Republican Donald Trump in the still undecided race.

The Biden comes with Philadelphia cheese and potato chips from the state of Pennsylvania, a major chip producer. Joe Biden was born in Pennsylvania.

The Trump comes with bacon and egg, a presidential favorite, and jalapeno chili pepper, supposedly reflecting Trump's sharp tongue.

Patrons talked about the US election as they studied the menu. A man who chose the Biden said he wanted to try the new item and said the challenger looks set to win the race.

A couple who ordered the Trump said US elections are too complicated and this one is taking too long. They said such a process wouldn't happen in Japan.

Iida said although the election result is yet to come, he added the Biden Burger to be ready for whichever candidate wins.