La France pears shipped on Shinkansen

"La France" pears, an autumn delicacy in Japan, have been shipped using Shinkansen bullet trains from northern Japan to the capital, Tokyo.

Yamagata Prefecture, a major producer of the so-called "Queen of fruits," and the East Japan Railway Company, which operates the Yamagata Shinkansen bullet trains, planned the project.

Four bullet trains transported a total of about 180 kilograms of La France pears grown in the city of Tendo to Tokyo on Thursday. The pears were harvested in mid-October and had become fully ripe for eating.

One of the four trains, the Tsubasa 132, carried 45 kilograms of the fruit to Tokyo Station. The pears are being sold at a store in the station. They will also be served at promotional events at restaurants in the Ginza district at the weekend.