Iran: UN arms embargo on Tehran lifted

Iran has said a longstanding United Nations arms embargo against the country has been lifted.

The arms embargo, which was adopted by the UN Security Council in 2007, was due to expire on Sunday based on the 2015 nuclear agreement between Tehran and world powers.

Iran's Foreign Ministry said in a statement that all restrictions on the transfer of arms were automatically terminated as of Sunday. It added that Tehran now can trade armaments with other countries.

The statement noted that it was a "momentous day" for the international community because it had protected the nuclear deal in defiance of malign US efforts.

Iran apparently wants to introduce fighter jets and missile defense systems from China, Russia and other countries, as Tehran is having trouble with its aging defense equipment after years of sanctions.

But the United States has been stepping up pressure on Iran. President Donald Trump last month signed an executive order imposing sanctions against entities and individuals involved in weapons trade with Iran.

Observers say that the two countries are expected to continue to confront each other over arms trading.