S.Korea wants Japan to share wastewater info

South Korea's foreign ministry has stressed that it wants Japan to provide transparent information on the disposal of radioactive wastewater stored at the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

The ministry on Friday released a statement saying that it has called on the Japanese side to maintain communication with the international community and put top priority on protecting the surrounding environment and people's health.

The statement also said the government would place the utmost importance on the protection of South Koreans' health and safety, while continuing to pay close attention to how Japan will deal with the wastewater.
The ministry also said it will seek to craft measures in cooperation with the international community.

South Korea has expressed concerns that if the wastewater stored at the Fukushima plant is released into the sea, it could affect the environment of neighboring countries.

The Japanese government has emphasized that it is sharing information with the global community in an appropriate manner.