Tokyo Disneyland opens new attraction area

Tokyo Disneyland has opened a new area of attractions on Monday based on the movie "Beauty and the Beast."

The opening was about six months behind schedule due to the coronavirus outbreak. The amusement park operator carried out the massive redevelopment project for three years.

The new area's landmark is a 30-meter-high castle that houses attractions representing famous scenes from the movie.

Visitors are required to make reservations through a smartphone app and are selected by lottery to enter the new area. This entry arrangement allowed visitors to enter smoothly without waiting in line on the opening day.

The operator intends to keep the number of visitors at less than half the usual level to avoid crowding and prevent coronavirus infections.

One of the visitors said she loves the movie "Beauty and the Beast" and the attraction is like a dream. She said she wants to have a good time while making sure that she uses hand sanitizers.