$12 mil. settlement for family of Black victim

The mayor of Louisville in the US state of Kentucky says the city has settled a civil lawsuit filed by the family of a Black woman, who died in a botched police raid. The family will receive 12 million dollars.

Members of the family say they still want the police officers involved in the case to face criminal charges.

Mayor Greg Fischer made the announcement on Tuesday.

Breonna Taylor was a Black emergency medical technician. She was shot dead by police in March in a raid that was part of an investigation into a drug ring. The police officers forced their way into her apartment, while she was sleeping with her boyfriend.

Taylor's family filed a lawsuit and demanded that the city admit that Taylor's home had been wrongfully raided. The family said Taylor and her boyfriend were not involved in the drug ring. The police arrested a man suspected of being involved in drug trafficking at a different location on the same evening. He was a former boyfriend of Taylor's.

Taylor's mother, Tamika Palmer, said the settlement is only the beginning of the effort to get full justice for Breonna. She noted that the officers involved have not been criminally charged.

Japanese tennis star Osaka Naomi, who recently won the women's singles title at the US Open, wore a face mask with Taylor's name on it before the start of her first match. Osaka wore the mask to protest against racial injustice.