UN report: N.Korea continues nuclear development

A UN report says North Korea is continuing its nuclear and missile development programs with funds obtained illicitly by carrying out ship-to-ship transfers of goods in violation of UN sanctions.

NHK obtained the report compiled by a UN panel of experts. The panel assessed how far UN sanctions against North Korea have been carried out during the period of six months through July.

The report says North Korea reaffirmed its commitment to retaining and developing its nuclear and ballistic missile programs.

The report adds that the North conducted four launch tests of short-range ballistic missile systems in March, and has continued to develop infrastructure and capacity for its ballistic missile program.

The report says since March, North Korea has continued to flout Security Council resolutions through illicit maritime exports of coal.

The report states the North has made deliveries of coal and illicitly imported refined petroleum that far exceeded the ceiling set by the Security Council through ship-to-ship transfers.

The report says the North continued to earn income from those illicit transfers.

The UN resolutions required its member nations to repatriate North Korean nationals working abroad by last December.The report says North Korean nationals continued to earn income overseas after that deadline for repatriation as sports players, medical professionals, factory, restaurant, and construction workers.
The Security Council Sanctions Committee has expressed serious concern over the situation reported by the panel.

The committee plans to urge member nations to completely implement the sanctions resolutions.