Trump to ban TikTok app as early as Saturday

US President Donald Trump says he is planning to take action as early as Saturday to ban TikTok in the United States. The globally popular Chinese-owned video app has allegedly raised national security concerns in the country.

Trump was speaking to reporters onboard Air Force One on Friday evening. He said he could use emergency economic powers or an executive order to ban TikTok. He insisted he has the authority.

The Trump administration has been considering action against the operators of the app for possible exploitation of personal information of US users by the Chinese government.

Multiple media outlets report that US tech giant Microsoft is in talks to acquire TikTok. Trump reportedly does not support the move.

The Trump administration has recently been stepping up pressure on China. The escalating conflict between the two countries now includes the popular app.

Other countries around the world have also expressed concerns over TikTok. They could follow the US in banning the app.