Japan to ease entry for businesspeople, students

Japan's government is set to begin talks with 12 countries and territories on mutually allowing entry of businesspeople.

The government task force met on Wednesday to discuss easing the entry ban on foreigners which has been in place to prevent coronavirus infections coming into Japan from overseas.

It decided to begin talks with authorities in China, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and other areas where coronavirus infections appear to be under control.

The task force will also consider allowing in corporate executives from the United States and Europe, on the condition that they stay for a short time and travel in small groups.

In addition, it confirmed that foreign students, who were unable to resume study in Japan after a temporary return home, will be allowed to re-enter if they meet certain requirements, such as coronavirus testing prior to departure from their home countries or territories.

The task force will also consider relaxing entry of athletes and sports officials in the run-up to the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games that have been postponed to next year.