Taxi-sharing trial to avoid Tokyo rush-hour crush

As COVID-19 cases continue to increase in Japan, one company has begun a trial of taxi-sharing for employees to get to work. The aim is to reduce the risk of infection by avoiding the rush-hour crush on public transport.

Major Japanese mobile phone carrier KDDI began the four-week tryout with a taxi company in Tokyo on Monday. It uses a fleet of 10 taxis to shuttle staff to and from the office.

Employees use an app to reserve their desired pick-up point and time. Artificial intelligence will come up with the most efficient route to carry multiple passengers.

One employee said" I go to the office two or three times a week. I'm a little worried about getting on a train because of the pandemic. It's very handy to have this kind of service".
KDDI will cover the cost of the trial.

The company says the service will help prevent the spread of coronavirus because it can use passenger data to trace the contacts of anyone who is infected.