Brazil's slum residents protest lack of support

Residents of slums in Brazil's largest city have staged a rally to demand that the government protect them from coronavirus infections.

Brazil has confirmed more than 240,000 infections and 16,000 deaths from the coronavirus. Infections are concentrated in favelas, or heavily congested slums where hygiene is poor.

About 500 favela residents in central Sao Paulo rallied on Monday and marched to the state government office.

They said they have no food nor water and lack the option to stay safely at home. Sao Paulo has been under state-wide lockdown since mid-March.

Governor Joao Doria rejected the protesters' claims. He told reporters on Monday that the state government is distributing food, water and sanitary goods for free.

At least 13 million people in Brazil are said to live in favelas. The country's battle against the coronavirus is expected to hinge on whether it can halt infections in the slums.