Westerdam passengers disembark in Cambodia

Some passengers aboard the cruise ship Westerdam have begun disembarking at a port in southern Cambodia. It marks the end of nearly two-week long ordeal that saw the cruise ship blocked from five ports over coronavirus fears.

More than 2,200 passengers and crew celebrated as they began to disembark.

They were greeted by Cambodia's Prime Minister.

The ship arrived off the port of Sihanoukville in southern Cambodia on Thursday, following the country's decision to allow it to dock in the country.

A passenger from the US said: "We appreciate it very, very much. Very much. It's been a long struggle and we appreciate everyone being here, thank you."

Some passengers have already made their way to Cambodia's capital, Phnom Penh by chartered plane. But due to the number of people on board, the ship's operator says it will take a few days for the rest of them to leave.

The Westerdam left Hong Kong on February 1. It was then denied entry at ports in Taiwan, Japan, the Philippines, Guam and Thailand due to fears that some of the passengers may be infected with the coronavirus.

Cambodian health officials tested 20 people on board. They say none of them came back positive.

Unlike many other countries, Cambodia has not imposed restrictions on entry by people from China.