Nissan files lawsuit against Ghosn, seeks $90 mil.

Nissan Motor has filed a lawsuit with a Japanese court against former chairman Carlos Ghosn, seeking 10 billion yen, or about 90 million dollars, in damages. Ghosn is now in Lebanon after skipping bail in Japan.

Nissan said in a statement that the firm filed the suit at the Yokohama District Court, near Tokyo, on Wednesday.

The firm says it has suffered damages by the former chairman "as a result of years of his misconduct and fraudulent activity."

It accuses Ghosn of involvement in the company's illicit spending, use of overseas residences without paying rent, private use of corporate jets, payments to his sister and other cases of misconduct.

In a criminal case involving Ghosn, Nissan as a corporation has also been indicted.

The statement says the size of damage claim is expected to increase if the firm is imposed a fine.

The statement also mentions an ongoing lawsuit Nissan initiated against Ghosn in the British Virgin Islands in August last year, saying he illegally got a luxury yacht with the firm's money.

Nissan says it has intensified its efforts to pursue Ghosn's responsibility following his escape from Japan, and legal actions are part of its policy of holding him accountable.