Postcard lottery for Olympic, Paralympic tickets

Lottery sales of tickets for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics are to begin at a center in Tokyo in late April for Japan residents who apply by postcard.

The organizers adopted the system to prevent overcrowding at the center. Tickets for the Games have so far been sold only through an official website.

The center is to be set up near Yurakucho Station in Tokyo's Chiyoda Ward in late April.

People who wish to buy Olympic tickets must send a postcard with their name, address and other information between February 20 and March 12.

Successful applicants are to be notified by mail around early April about when to go to the center and other information. Sales are to start around late April.

The application period for Paralympic tickets is March 13 to April 5, with successful applicants notified in early May. Tickets go on sale in late May.

Through the system, the organizers plan to sell 5,000 tickets for the Olympics and 3,000 for the Paralympics.