Russia, China FMs talk with Iran counterpart

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has separately talked with the foreign ministers of Russia and China over the telephone. His counterparts reportedly criticized the killing of one of Iran's high-ranking military officers by the United States.

Russia's Foreign Ministry says Minister Sergey Lavrov expressed his condolences during the conversation with his Iranian counterpart on Saturday.

The ministry says both ministers emphasized that the US actions are a gross violation of the norms of international law. The ministers added the US actions do not contribute to finding solutions to the complicated issues that have accumulated in the Middle East, but lead to a new round of escalation of tension in the region.

China's Foreign Ministry says Minister Wang Yi told the Iranian minister on Saturday that US military adventurism violates the basic norms of international relations and will aggravate tension and worries in the region.

Wang added China opposes the use of force in international relations and that there is no way out for military means, nor for extreme pressure.

Wang told the Iranian foreign minister that China urged the US not to "abuse force" and seek solutions through dialogue.