Chile pushes for 'blue carbon' at COP25

Chile's environment minister has urged countries to tap into the potential of the world's oceans to tackle global warming.

Carolina Schmidt was speaking at a symposium during the UN climate conference COP25 in Madrid on Tuesday.

Chile holds the presidency of the conference, but the venue has been moved from its capital Santiago to Spain due to unrest in the South American country.

Schmidt said oceans account for two-thirds of the Earth's surface and their ability to store carbon dioxide should be reflected in the national targets for greenhouse gas emission cuts.

Researchers told the participants that oceans absorb more carbon dioxide than land does.

They said the CO2 captured by ocean and coastal ecosystems is called "blue carbon," and increasing its volume will be an effective way of addressing climate change.

Chile calls the conference the "Blue COP" and plans to make its case about the importance of oceans.