Firms pledge ethical use of AI

Japanese companies are working to ensure that facial recognition and other technologies using artificial intelligence will not indirectly lead to discrimination.

AI is making inroads into various aspects of people's lives. But concerns are growing about unexpected outcomes, including bias.

Fujitsu established an outside ethics committee last month, comprising six experts.

Its guidelines urge the firm to protect people's privacy and refrain from discrimination and inflicting harm. It also says humans should have the final say on decisions that refer to recommendations derived from AI.

Junichi Tsujii chair of Fujitsu Group External Advisory Committee on AI Ethics, said artificial intelligence is extremely beneficial to humankind, but if it is used inappropriately, the negative impact would be immense.

He warned that if companies can't provide people with peace of mind, AI will not be widely used in society.

IT firms like Sony and NEC have drawn up similar procedures for AI use.