Watchdog: N.Korea has Asia's most censored media

A US private media watchdog has listed 10 worst countries in terms of censorship and press freedom. The list includes three Asian countries -- North Korea, China and Vietnam.

Eritrea tops the ranking, followed by North Korea.

The Committee to Protect Journalists released the report on Tuesday.

The group ranked the countries, based on 10 factors -- including freedom of the use of the internet and restrictions on the dissemination of fake news.

It said Eritrea shut down all independent media in 2011. It added that at least 16 journalists were detained as of December last year.

Ranking North Korea as the second worst country, the group noted that the country's constitution calls for the freedom of the press. However, it said, "all the content of North Korea's newspapers, periodicals, and broadcasters comes from the official Korean Central News Agency, which focused on the political leadership's statements and activities."

The report ranked China as the fifth worst country, and said, "China has the most extensive and sophisticated censorship apparatus in the world."

Vietnam ranked 6th on the list. The report mentions a 2013 decree that "gave the state broad authority to censor blogs and social media," and said "internet service providers that spread banned content face fines or closure."