Tokyo area assesses damage after Typhoon

People in Tokyo and surrounding areas are surveying the damage after the region was hit by a typhoon. At least 10 people have been hospitalized, and nearly a million households are without power.

Heavy winds tore down part of a driving range, damaging several houses in Chiba prefecture.

A woman suffered serious injuries in the incident and had to be rescued. Another resident says his house was partly destroyed.

In Yokohama, south of Tokyo, scaffolding at a construction site was blew over onto a road.

Evacuation orders have been issued for about 2,000 people in Chiba prefecture. Another 400,000 residents in the greater Tokyo area and in Shizuoka Prefecture are under an evacuation advisory.

More than 900,000 households were without power as of 9 a.m., according to Tokyo Electric Power Company.

The storm is causing major disruptions for morning commuters. The East Japan Railway Company has reported delays and suspended some services. Other train operators are in the same situation.

The Central Japan Railway Company suspended some Tokaido Shinkansen bullet train services, but operations have now resumed.

And at the region's airports, more than 100 domestic flights have been cancelled.