Foreign govts. briefed on radioactive wastewater

Japan's government has held a briefing for foreign embassy officials on radioactive wastewater building up at the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.

Diplomatic officials from 22 countries and regions attended Wednesday's briefing at the Foreign Ministry in Tokyo. After an opening photo op, the meeting went behind closed doors.

Government officials said tanks for storing wastewater containing mostly tritium will become full in summer of 2022. Wastewater generated in damaged reactor buildings is cleared of most other radioactive materials.

Officials explained measures being discussed by a government panel, such as diluting the water and releasing it into the sea, or adding extra tanks.

Individual remarks from the briefing have not been disclosed, but Japanese officials said no participants voiced concern or protested over the explained measures during the meeting.

The government has briefed foreign embassies more than 100 times since the plant's nuclear accident in March 2011, following an earthquake and tsunami.

It had not disclosed to media the contents of such meetings with foreign officials, but said it reversed course in light of growing demand for transparency.

South Korea had demanded that Japan explain how the radioactive wastewater is being processed. Japan's government sent a letter to Seoul on August 27 saying the matter is under consideration and that it has not reached a conclusion. The government says South Korea has yet to respond.