Section of exhaust stack at nuclear plant removed

Workers have finished removing the top section of an exhaust stack for two damaged reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

The plant's operator, Tokyo Electric Power Company, is working to dismantle the upper half of the 120-meter-tall stack.

It has released footage of the work completed on Sunday, about a month behind schedule.

The workers used a crane to lift off a section of the stack, together with the equipment used to cut it, and lowered them to the ground.

The stack was contaminated by radioactive gases released after the 2011 accident and is at risk of collapsing in an earthquake.

The iron framework that supports the stack was also damaged in the accident.

The company plans to complete the work by the end of March.

Removing the first section was originally scheduled to take two days but ended up taking over a month to complete.

The work was initially delayed when it was discovered that the crane wasn't tall enough.

Equipment failures and other problems created further delays.

Officials say they will study the work done so far in order to streamline the demolition process.