4 firms planning to join hands in nuclear power

Four Japanese companies in the nuclear-energy industry say they are thinking about collaborating to deal with an increasingly harsh business environment.

The announcement came from Tokyo Electric Power Company and Chubu Electric Power Company, and nuclear-plant makers Hitachi and Toshiba.

The companies say they aim to share their technologies and know-how to improve safety and the economic viability of the nuclear-power business. They also aim to bolster their own business structures.

They plan to present the details of their joint efforts later.
One possible project is a plant in the northern prefecture of Aomori.

Its construction ground to a halt in the aftermath of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami that triggered the accident at the Fukushima nuclear power plants.

Construction of new nuclear-power plants in Japan has effectively stopped. And stricter safety measures are making projects overseas more costly.

The ongoing decommissioning work at the Fukushima plants would not be part of future collaboration.
Tokyo Electric Power Company is solely responsible for that project.