US to consult Asian allies on missile deployment

A senior US diplomat says Washington will consult with its allies in Asia to deploy intermediate-range missiles in the region, as a 1987 arms control treaty with Russia is no longer in force.

US Under Secretary of State Andrea Thompson said in a conference call on Tuesday that any decision made in the region will be done in consultation with US allies.

Washington now aims to place ground-launched, intermediate-range missiles in Asia.

The Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty lapsed on August 2, after the two signatories suspended their obligations under the pact.

Thompson held Russia responsible for the end of the INF treaty, reiterating that Russia's new missile system violates the pact.

She revealed that the United States and Russia have started discussions on a new multinational framework for nuclear disarmament.

Thompson called for China's participation in the talks, while noting the lack of transparency in its nuclear and missile development. She said the world demands that China come to the negotiating table.