Shibuya's new landmark skyscraper to open in Nov.

A skyscraper will open in November in Tokyo's Shibuya district as a part of large-scale redevelopment projects.

The east wing of Shibuya Scramble Square is being built right above Shibuya Station and its vicinities. It is scheduled to open on November 1.

The building will be 230 meters tall and have 47 floors when completed. It will be the highest in the area.

An open-air observation deck on the rooftop will provide a panoramic view of central Tokyo, including the scramble crossing which is popular among foreign travelers.

It will have office space from the 17th through 45th floors to house IT companies.

The skyscraper will have other space from the second basement through the 14th floors to house more than 200 commercial facilities.

They will include restaurants and apparel shops, as well as "NHK Plus Cross SHIBUYA," where visitors can experience digital content and radio show recording.

The building will have space to function as a shelter which will accommodate people stranded at the station in the event of a disaster. Food will be stocked in a warehouse of the building.

The central and west wings are scheduled to open by March 2027.

Noriaki Takahide, the president of the operating company, says he hopes the skyscraper will become a new landmark of Shibuya, and contribute to the hustle and bustle of the district.