Restaurants in Japan have plans for whale cuisine

Restaurants in Japan are hoping for a jump in the desire for whale cuisine following the country's resumption of commercial whaling starting on Monday.

One restaurant in Tokyo has a long history of serving up such dishes as whale sashimi and steaks.

It has used meat supplied to the market as the byproduct of research whaling.

Manager Mitsuo Tani says whale is a healthy food with high protein and low calories.

He said he hopes younger people and women will become more interested in eating it as commercial whaling resumes.

A Mexican restaurant plans to provide three dishes using whale from Monday, including tacos filled with soy-sauce-seasoned deep-fried whale.

The chef of the restaurant, Shintaro Kasai, said whale has a taste that makes it easy to use in various dishes.

He said he wants to use the meat to come up with meals that find favor with many people.