Yoko Ono's 'Refugee Boat' installation opens in NY

An interactive installation inspired by a refugee boat by artist Yoko Ono has gone on display in New York, at a time when the US government under President Donald Trump is promoting tough policies against immigrants.

The work, titled "Add Color " , went on exhibit in Manhattan on Tuesday.

Ono, the widow of the late Beatle John Lennon, is a New York-based artist active in peace and environmental campaigns.

When it opened, the installation comprised a boat placed in an empty space. Visitors were invited to paint their thoughts, ideas and hopes on the walls, floor and boat.

Many have left messages. Some call for solidarity with refugees and for dialogue between people of differing views. Others express concern about the social divide.

One visitor said America has been built by immigrants who escaped hardships elsewhere. She noted that this is a time for Americans to support immigrants.

The curator of the exhibition, Lili Chopra, said the artist gives people the chance to reflect on what's going on around them or in the world. She said her message is what is needed now.

The exhibition runs until June 29.