Analysis: N.Korea active at uranium plant

A US research group well-known for its analysis on North Korea says the country is likely producing enriched uranium at the Nyongbyon nuclear complex.

38 North released its latest report on satellite images of the plant at the nuclear facility.
It says the photos taken in recent months show a dozen personnel and what appears to be a white tanker trailer near the plant. The vehicle left behind a cylinder or shipping container next to the gas centrifuge hall where uranium would be enriched for atomic development.

The research group says it's difficult to identify the trailer as a liquid nitrogen tanker from satellite imagery alone, but says it is likely. Liquid nitrogen is used for enriching uranium.

If this is true, Pyongyang may be enriching uranium in order to pressure the United States to make concessions in the nuclear negotiations.

In the February summit with the US, the North sought what they call a partial lifting of UN Security Council sanctions in exchange for scrapping the Nyongbyon facility. But the US maintains the sanctions will stay until the North is fully denuclearized.