AI to help prevent dangerous driving

IT firm DeNA has launched a service to help reduce traffic accidents by using artificial intelligence to detect dangerous driving.

The firm began to offer the service on Tuesday to businesses including taxi companies and logistics firms.

The service uses cameras and other devices installed on cars that capture the distance with other vehicles and images of drivers' faces as well as gazes.

The AI technology then analyzes those data for indications of dangers such as inattentive driving.

Drivers can check their driving with video and improve their skills by utilizing assessments on seven factors such as sudden acceleration and a failure to keep a sufficient distance with other vehicles.

DeNA says a test conducted from April to October last year shows the number of accidents fell about 25 percent for taxis and 48 percent for trucks compared to the average for the same period of the past five years.

The company plans to expand the service to individuals to help prevent accidents by elderly drivers.