Okinawa peace march on 47th anniv. of reversion

An annual peace parade was held in Okinawa, as people in the Japanese southwestern prefecture marked 47 years since its return to Japan from US rule.

The event on Wednesday saw about 100 people march to the central part of Ishigaki City from near a planned site for new facilities for Japan's Self-Defense Forces.

Participants wore headbands saying "Okinawa free of military bases" and held up placards and banners.

They called for the removal of US bases from Okinawa and voiced opposition to a government plan to station Ground Self-Defense Force personnel on the island.

A man in his 60s said Okinawa continues to endure the excessive burden of hosting US military installations and that he wants the issue solved.

A woman in her 20s said she took part for the first time and felt the participants' strong desire for peace.